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St. Peter's Catholic Church Register of the Dead, 1898-1949
(Teller County)
Cripple Creek, Colorado
This index was given to the PPGS Cemetery Project by the City of Cripple Creek. We've included it because so many of the Mount Pisgah burials have no markers. It appears the transcription was created as part of the 1994 Porsild project. PPGS doesn't know the location of the original register.
All burials took place at Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Cripple Creek, unless otherwise noted.
Father Raber's notes at the beginning of the ledger: "Although I prepared a large number for death and a very many of them died -- still, a small number only are here entered into the 'Register of the Dead' for the reason that many more shipped East -- or were buried 'quietly' without my knowledge -- or because their relatives or friends did not give me the particulars needed for registering. Their names may be obtained at the Sisters' Hospital or at Lampman's or at White's Dyers' Undertakers."
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