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Miners' Deaths
(Teller County)
Cripple Creek District, Colorado
This information comes from a small notebook held by the Cripple Creek District Museum simply labeled "Dead." Every person listed is a male. The miner number with most entries comes from the Miner's Protective Association. Following the tumultuous labor wars in the Cripple Creek mining district that lasted from 1903 to about 1907, local mine owners formed the association, an anti-union organization all miners were required to register with before they could get work in district mines.
Because of these numbers, it is presumed that this book was kept by the Miner's Protective Association. A photocopy of the book is available at the Cripple Creek District Museum; the location of the original notebook is unknown. Information from the book is entered here as it was shown; some paraphrasing has been added to clarify information. This information has also been checked against 12,000 Cripple Creek Miners by Leo Kimmett, which lists all members of the Miner's Protective Association.
Note: If someone was killed on a place, such as "killed on Portland," or "killed on Cresson," those are Cripple Creek district mines. Death dates, where available, are between 1912 and 1929.
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