Pikes Peak Genealogical Society

PPGS Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

PPGS special interest groups (SIGs) are open to PPGS members; guests are welcome to attend a few meetings. If you plan to attend regularly, you must join PPGS. All are currently meeting by Zoom.
Point of contact for special interest groups: Jan Myers.
New! German and Central European SIG
PPGS membership is not required to join. Meets bimonthly, odd months, at 4 p.m., or as announced, via Zoom. 
Facilitator: John Putnam
Meets 7 p.m., third Thursdays, via Zoom. Contact Susan Davis to receive link to meeting. Guests are welcome to attend a few meetings; if you plan to attend regularly, join the society. It will be worth it! The group typically has 15 to 20 attendees who use direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA tests as genealogy research tools. All skill levels are welcome. Members can see an introductory DNA lecture by Greg Liverman on the Speaker Videos page under Member Log In.
Contact: Susan Davis 
 DNA SIG Topics for 2022
 Presenter/   Facilitator
 Traditional Research and DNA: Tying
  the Two Together
 Denise Manning
 February 17
Ways to tie together clues from history and science to: validate existing research, identify research questions for which DNA might help, target specific people to test, and think creatively to tackle those brick walls
 Nifty GenGen Web Destinations
 Walt Washburn   (Moderator)
 March 17
The theme will be:  Here are nifty web destinations that have helped my study of Genetic Genealogy, and GenGen tools or sources that have furthered my research and progress. Members will be asked to send Walt their favorite websites before the meeting
 Mentoring – DNA Research Got Ya   Stumped? Bring your Questions
 April 21
 The Farmer in the Dell: Identifying a
 23andMe Match and Finding the Most Recent Common Ancestor 
 Linda Vixie
 May 19
 Your Current Research (15-20 minutes)
Presenters: Carolyn, Deb, Gretchen, Nancy P, Walt, Mike 
 Mike Arnett   (Moderator)
 June 16
These are short presentations by multiple group members giving a synopsis of their current DNA research
Mentoring -- Bring Your Questions
 July 21
 Mike Arnett
 August 18
Managing Risk from Small-Segment Matches
Walt Washburn and open mic
 September 15
Walt will discuss a FTDNA white paper and its practical application. 
 Chromosome Analysis – detailed   explanation of how to use chromosome   browsers for genetic genealogy work
 Melody Wilson
 October 20
 Genetic Tests vs. Clinical Testing
 Melissa Gilstrap
 November 17
 Planning for Next Year
 December 15
Colonial America Brick Wall SIG
Meets third Monday at 4 p.m., or as announced, via Zoom.
Facilitator: John Putnam
English Genealogy SIG
Meets bimonthly via Zoom. 
Facilitator: John Putnam
The Write Stuff (Genealogical Writing SIG)
Meets via Zoom, 7 p.m., third Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, November.
Facilitator: Nancy Wehner, CG
Canada/French Canada SIG: On Hold
Facilitator: Elaine Fraser