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Mountain Wilderness Memorial
(Teller County)
(719) 687-0333
Index cut-off date: 8 August 2000
Order: Section, Block, Row, Plot
Mountain Wilderness Memorial is a private cremains park located southwest of Woodland Park. From the intersection of highways 24 and 67 in Woodland Park, drive west on Highway 24 for 2.7 miles and turn south onto Edlowe Road, drive 1.8 miles and turn left onto County Road 281, drive 1.2 miles and take the right fork onto Klitowya Trail. Drive another half mile and the cemetery parking lot is on the right at 118 Arapahoe Street. From the intersection with County Road 281, signs mark the way to the cemetery. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the cemetery's coordinates are 38°56'44.9"N and 105°03'28.4"W.
Mountain Wilderness Memorial was established in 1987 by Don and Barbara Blehm. The half-acre lot slopes down from the road and has a beautiful view of the north side of Pikes Peak. Lined paths wind among the markers and in the center is a small amphitheater for services. Landscaping includes aspen and evergreen trees, wildflowers, and natural grasses. Clients can select the area where they would like their bronze plaque.
The office is located at 51 County Road 5, Divide, Colorado 80814; phone: (719) 687-0333.
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