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Calhan Memorial Cemetery
(El Paso County)
Calhan, Colorado
Index cut-off date: 16 Sep 1996
Order: Block, Lot, Plot
Calhan Memorial Cemetery is located approximately thirty-five miles northeast of Colorado Springs on the western edge of Calhan on the north side of U.S. Highway 24 at Eurich Road. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the cemetery's coordinates are 39°02'03.0"N and 104°18'47.5"W.
Sexton records are maintained by the city clerk at the Calhan Town Hall. The cemetery is located in the grasslands of eastern El Paso County and is maintained by the town of Calhan. The grounds are neat and well kept, with many large, beautiful markers. Open land consisting of rolling hills lies to the north and west of the cemetery.
According to The History of Calhan and Vicinity 1888-1988 by Larry L. King, "The original tract of land comprising the Calhan Cemetery was deeded to the Town of Calhan by Arthur Sinclair on March 13, 1911. Any tombstone with a date of death before 1911 had to have been a case of the deceased being moved to the cemetery from some other location. George Haver also deeded a tract of land, which adjoined the original cemetery, to the town on July 31, 1918. This portion of the cemetery has been referred to for many years as the Haver Addition. It is, generally speaking, the south part of the cemetery."