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Robst Grave
(Teller County)
Old-timers of the area along County Road 861 behind Skagway Reservoir, outside of Victor, have spoken for years about the grave of a Mr. Robst that is located on the former Robst homestead. BLM/GLO records (www.glorecords.blm.gov) show that a Frederick W.H. Robst successfully applied for a homestead in Teller County in 1906 (160 acres in section 5, T16S, R68W, 6th PM). According to rancher Marlan Bradley, Robst tried his luck at mining, as evidenced by a prospect hole near the ranch. Unfortunately neither Robst nor his wife appear in Teller County census records.
Marlan Bradley says this story was told to him by longtime rancher Rudy Hall's father: Mr. Robst died in the early spring around the turn of 1900. The neighbors who came discovered Robst's body was still laying in bed because Mrs. Robst “didn’t want to give him up.” Robst had been dead at least a few days, but no more than a week. It was necessary to convince Mrs. Robst to give up her husband's body for burial. He was buried on a hillside overlooking his home and barn. The grave is surrounded by a notched log wall with a sizeable pine tree inside the enclosure. Two logs lay over the top of the enclosure.
What became of Mrs. Robst is unknown. Ruins of the homestead and an accompanying barn, the latter of which collapsed sometime between 1998 and 2008, are still visible in the valley below the grave. The Robst grave is located 2.5 miles from the gate behind Skagway Reservoir. It is located on private land and permission is required for access. Information provided by Jan Collins, Director, Cripple Creek District Museum, 2010.
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