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Buckley Graves
(Teller County)
These two graves of mother and son are located a few yards south of the southeast corner of Fourmile Cemetery. Formerly on Buckley property, the land has been donated to the Fourmile Cemetery Association. To reach Fourmile Cemetery, from Highway 24, turn south onto County Road 1 at Florissant and drive 7.1 miles. Turn right at the Fourmile Cemetery sign and drive about a quarter of a mile west to the cemetery. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the graves' coordinates are 38°50'48.8"N and 105°16'37.0"W. The markers read:
Brenda Lee King Buckley
12/20/1952 - 2/6/2000
Beloved Spirit, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother
Brenda's obituary (Colorado Springs Gazette, February 12, 2000, page Metro6) says she was born in Battle Creek, Mich., and moved to Colorado Springs at age five. She and Cricket Buckley married in 1971; they moved to the Fourmile area to ranch in 1987. She died of complications following a surgery.
Sean Weston Buckley
"The Pooky"
1/15/81 - 4/18/98
Happy Trails
Gentle Spirit
Drummer of Life
Beloved Son, Brother, Friend, Grandson, Nephew
Sean's obituary appears in the Colorado Springs Gazette, April 22, 1998, page News4, and the identification of hantavirus as his cause of death is reported in the Gazette, April 25, 1998, page 1. He was the first hantavirus victim in the Pikes Peak region.