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Pikes Peak Library Newspaper Holdings

Here is a partial list of early Pikes Peak area newspaper titles available on microfilm at PPLD Special Collections. Some are partially indexed in Pikes Peak NewsFinder:
Colorado City Argus, 1909-1921: Published weekly in Colorado City (now part of Colorado Springs).
Colorado City Independent, 1922-1953; Weekly; news from “former Colorado City, now West Colorado Springs”; not to be confused with the current Colorado Spings Independent.
Colorado City Iris, 1891-1917: Published three times per week in Colorado City (now part of Colorado Springs).  Included "folksy" news.
Colorado Springs Evening Telegraph, 1894-1946: Published six times  per week and included some Cripple Creek news.
Colorado Springs Gazette aka Gazette-Telegraph, 1872-present; daily and weekly
Cripple Creek early newspapers, 1892-1905
Cripple Creek and Victor Daily Press, 1900-1901: Daily; news from entire Cripple Creek mining district.
Cripple Creek Citizen, 1897-1899: Published six times per week; official paper of the city. Includines railroad news and schedules.
Cripple Creek Evening Star, 1900-1904: Published six times per week; termed official paper of Cripple Creek. Coverd mining issues, local people, and the surrounding area.
Cripple Creek Times, 1895-1951: Daily. It covered news related to the mining town and miners.
Daily Transcript, 1907-1916: General news from El Paso County. Included summaries of county clerk documents and railroad timetables.
Divide Review, 1920-1942: Published weekly in Kiowa, Elbert County, CO. News about local people, who was visiting, etc. 
El Paso County Democrat, 1906-1921 (with gaps): published weekly in Colorado Springs.
Elbert County News, 1922-1924: Weekly.
Elbert County Tribune, 1904-1921: Official paper of the county; includes large section titled "World of Women."
Evening Mail, 1901: publishers daily in Colorado Springs; general news.
Facts, 1896-1904: Published weekly in Colorado Springs; mostly political news; also good for building projects of prominent citizens.
Fountain Herald, 1921-1924: Published weekly in Fountain, CO; includes local news.
Manitou Item, 1882
Manitou Springs Journal, 1885-1919: Daily and weekly; published in Manitou Springs featuring news about local residents.
Miner’s Magazine, 1903-1905: Information about miners and related issues, including labor issues and equipment; not news.
Ninety Eight Point Six, 1927-1929: Edited by tubercular patients of the Cragmoor Sanitarium in Colorado Springs.
Out West, 1872: Colorado Springs
Palmer Park Trails, 1935-1936: Published by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in El Paso County, CO.
The Peak, 1935: Religious publication published by Camp Cottonwood.
Pikes Peak Journal, 1933-1952; 1957-1992, more recent: Published weekly, mainly covering the area around Cheyenne Mountain in southwest Colorado Springs.
Pikes Peak Oil News, 1920: "An independent weekly for operators, oil workmen and investors. Authentically covering the Fountain Field and other Colorado oil districts---general oil news."
Pikes Peaker, 1931
Other El Paso County Newspaper Sources
New Falcon Herald, January 2004 to present: Published monthly for residents of Falcon, Calhan, Peyton and Black Forest in El Paso County, CO.