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The "granddaddy" of county boundary projects.
Historical map collection with over 61,000 maps and images online.
Has old maps that overlay current maps, including maps of Colorado Springs, one as early as 1882.
Place names east of the Oder and Neisse rivers and are based on the borders of the eastern provinces in Spring 1918. Included in this database are the following provinces: Eastprussia, including Memel, Westprussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pomerania, and Silesia.
Shows county boundary changes for all states as they occurred. Brief descriptions of county formations and boundary changes. Some hi-res historic maps and links to other sites.
Place names with links to late 1800s maps of places in Germany. Search on place name, then click on map to see environs. Zoom in and out. The historical map is the "Karte des deutschen Reiches," which corresponds with the names in the Meyers Gazetteer.
USGS map services
If you are looking for places and small villages, OpenStreetMap is recommended. It is said to deliver more detail than Google Maps, and you can copy maps because the content of this website isn't copyright protected if you use it for private purpose.
Explore the map and view historical images from around the globe. Upload your own vintage images and share YOUR history.
Details about US counties and more.