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An effort to record historical and genealogical information on the estimated 10 million enslaved people in what is currently U.S. territory. Sponsored by American Ancestors (NEHGS).
US war statistics from the Veterans Administration
Search Bibles by names, dates, and locations.
at AmericanAncestors, New England Historic Genealogical Society
Conclusive U.S. copyright lasts for 95 years for authorized publications.
Find links to all US state archives.
Site helps to connect scholars of all levels to primary sources related to the Americas from roughly 1500 to 1900. Website offers information on archives and research libraries that hold collections of early American materials, as well as links to online resources that specialize in the early Americas.
Use drop-down menus to enter states and counties, etc., in the U.S. to search for listings of websites (both paid and free) with links to resources.
See what records FamilySearch has by place.
More than 140,000 Facebook page that deal with genealogy, surnames, places, lineage societies, etc.
Click on the link near the top of this page for the list as of 2021. It's now being incorporated into CyndiList.com. Previously at: https://moonswings.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/genealogy-on-facebook-jan-2021.pdf
by Marc McDermott with contributions from Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, and Thomas W. Jones, CG.
Links to free sites.
Access thousands of historic photographs, maps, oral histories and films from Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region (includes El Paso and Teller counties) using the Pikes Peak Library District's digital collections.
Images of parish registers through 1880.
Gazetteer of German places about 1871. Foundational for German research.
Free index to the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Printed copies of the NGSQ are available at the Western History & Genealogy department, Penrose Library, Colorado Springs. Search by title or author. It's not a surname or full text search.
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Resources for conducting African-American research.
Free access to Periodical Source Index of genealogical periodicals . Geographical searches are recommended
Pikes Peak Library District maintains an extensive list of genealogy research links. Click to go to their website.
aka World Biographical Encylopedia
blog by Judy Russell describes how to order an SS-5 online
With this form, children can request U.S. employment histories of their deceased parents. Provide proof of death and relationship. $136.
Narrow search to Railroad Retirement index with drop-down menu. Covers 1936-early 2000s.
National Archives
Curret voter registration lists from states that make the information public
WikiTree is a completely free, collaborative genealogy platform with now more than 1 million members.
Dedicated to the history and love of the American West.