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Blog site by Roberta Estes; more than 1,500 blogs on using DNA for genetic genealogy.
Blog site by Judy Russell. Many of her blogs deal with genetic genealogy news, education, tips.
A website and blog on more advanced DNA analysis by grouping matches by where they match on your chromosome. Website is by Jim Bartlett.
Many useful tools for DNA analysis including the Shared cM Project, What Are the Odds?, and a chromosome painter.
Tools for DNA match analysis.
Scroll down to "Genetics & Anthropology." Information on Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups and more.
A series of articles by Roberta Estes
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
How to easily cluster your close DNA matches to visualize how they are related to you and each other by Dana Leeds
Owned by MyHeritage. Has 109,000 SNPs in database associated positively or negatively with 537 medical conditions.
Enter number of segments, total DNA shared, and get better relationship predictions for third cousins or closer. Hosted by DNA Science.
by Roberta Estes, 28 Mar 2023