Pikes Peak Genealogical Society

Genealogical Writing Opportunities

This is a free genealogical writing group sponsored by the Colorado Genealogical Society (CGS) - you do not have to be a CGS member to attend. 
You've put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time into researching your family, but if you don't write up and share what you have found it will all be for nought. But perhaps you don't feel comfortable writing, don't know how to start, and/or feel you lack skills to let you write well. That's what this group is for. The Write Stuff is intended to provide education in writing skills as well as peer encouragement and review to get you moving and keep you moving on writing your family history.
Facilitator: Carol Darrow
Meetings are on the second Sunday of every month. Meetings will be held be Zoom until further notice.
One-on-One Writing Assistance
One-on-one writing assistance is intended for those who are interested in writing for a regional or national level magazine or journal but have never been through the process before. Writing at this level takes significant skill (both in genealogical research and in writing), a subject of interest for a general readership and that will be of interest to an editor for inclusion in their journal, and LOTS of patience. The elapsed time from an expressed interest by an editor in your proposal to actual publication is typically 1-2 years.
The genealogy skill level consistent with being able to successfully publish at this level are represented by the skill sets for Intermediate or Advanced genealogists (see general Education information). 
If you are interested in trying to write at this level, contact Nancy Wehner (ngwehner@gmail.com)  and we'll pair you up with an experienced person who can help guide you through the process.